Washing machines A Pallet Rotating ROTOS

The rotating pallet washing machines Bonfiglio Srl serie ROTOS parts washers are washing by rotating the drum about its horizontal axis. In this way it is exposed to wash all parts of the workpiece and allows fluid to flow from the cavity. These metal washing are suitable for cleaning small pieces / medium with cavities, or to wash small pieces in bulk in the basket.

HIGH TURBULENCE (HT) : Le lavametalli ROTOS They can also be constructed in a version HIGH TURBULENCE (HT). It is a particular washing technique studied and developed by Bonfiglio for the cleaning of workpieces with particularly difficult conformations, with hollow bodies or blind holes.


  • Support frame: standard
  • Thermal insulation: standard
  • Level control: standard
  • Replenishing level: standard
  • side Bath: standard
  • falling Filter: standard
  • pneumatic opening: standard
  • front bench: standard
  • Exhaust fumes: standard
  • mechanical Rotation: standard
  • Electric heating: standard
  • Gas heating: on demand


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