Washing machines A screw VEGA

The screw washing machines, also called drum washers, Bonfiglioserie VEGA washing machines are designed to wash pieces in bulk. The size of the pieces to be cleaned are compatible with those of the cylinder, of the coils and of the exhaust holes. Thanks to its particular constructive system Bonfiglio washing is very effective, the movement of the parts is extremely delicate and does not change the surface appearance with dents or chafing.

The washing machines are constructed in two or three stages, on request also with more stages.


  • Support frame: standard
  • Thermal insulation: standard
  • Level control: standard
  • Replenishing level: standard
  • side Bath: standard
  • falling Filter: standard
  • Heating electric water : standard
  • Heating Electric Air : standard
  • Water heating / gas Air : on demand


Dry parts, washing precision turning, torneria, washing screws, wash bolts, washing rivets, cleaning fittings, wash taps, washing presswork, printing, ...